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Yes They Can!

People who are blind and visually impaired are very capable of handling the requirements daily needs and of functioning in the workplace. VISIONS offers many services to help youth and adults compete for jobs.

The Department of Workforce Development and Training (WFD, for short) administers all of VISIONS information, employment, and technology related programs.  Members of the WFD team work collaboratively towards a common goal: assisting blind consumers prepare for, identify, procure, and retain jobs that are commensurate with their interests, skills and education.  VISIONS offers a full complement of vocational assessment, training, and career development services. Workforce Development and Training includes:

  • Individualized and group instruction in touch-typing, basic computer literacy, and keyboarding
  • Individualized and Group instruction in computer applications (Internet, email, word-processing, spreadsheet and database management, training on Apple's Mac accessibility etc.)
  • Soft skills training (interviewing prep, job search techniques, resume-writing, financial literacy, career interest inventories, benefits management and work incentive programs, etc.)
  • The Blindline┬« call center, web site, and vocational training program
  • The after school and prevocational training program for youth
  • Internships and sponsored Work Experience Training for both youth and adults. Internships are generally sponsored by the NYS Commission for the Blind for 8-13 weeks.

The consumer and Commission counselors participate fully in the process with VISIONS staff through frequent meetings, phone calls and email communications.  Our primary goal is to help consumers prepare for long-term career growth and encourage consumers to guide their individual career development goals. 

For more information:

Adult Placement Services:                                                      Michael J. Cush, Director of Workforce Development                Phone: (212) 625-1616 Ext. 139                                                    Email: mcush@visionsvcb.org

Youth Services:                                                                      Melissa Phipps, M.S.Ed, CRC, Senior Director of Youth Services     Phone: (646) 486-4444 Ext. 212                                                 Email: mphipps@visionsvcb.org 

Pre-vocational Services and Summer Internships for high school and college blind youth:                                              Lisa Senior, Youth Program Associate                                     Phone: (646) 486-4444 Ext. 224                                                       Email: lsenior@visionsvcb.org

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