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Cooking Blind & Sighted

Graphic: A realistic mockup of a hardcover book. The cover shows assorted vegetables on a black cooking surface, with text at the top reading "Cooking Blind and Sighted"

The pandemic has been difficult in so many ways. Many restaurants have closed, food delivery costs have risen, and most of us are eating at home more often.

To raise your spirits and add some excitement to your kitchen, we are creating a cookbook that will feature recipes from supporters like you and from restaurants in your communities. The cookbook, Cooking Blind & Sighted, will go on sale through our website by October 30. It will be available in digital (accessible PDF or text-only) and physical (large print or braille) formats.

Do you have a favorite recipe? Are you willing to share it? Would you like to promote your business and show your support for VISIONS by purchasing an ad? If so, consider contributing! You can submit a recipe for free, and/or purchase a full-page ad for $100!

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