Annual Reports

2018–2019 Annual Report

2017–2018 Annual Report


Our Vision is For Everyone to See What is Possible

  • 92 years of experience
  • 89 cents of every dollar is spent on programs with only 11 cents spent on administration and fundraising
  • Services are FREE of charge
  • Services are provided from birth to death
  • Services are provided in all neighborhoods in all five boroughs of NYC, all of Long Island, Lower Westchester and Rockland County
  • Services are provided in 10 languages
  • Services are provided in the person’s home, at VISIONS two service centers in Manhattan and at VCB in Rockland County
  • More than 33% of VISIONS staff is blind
  • VISIONS is #1 in New York State in placement of blind people in jobs


VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, incorporated in 1926, is a nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization whose purpose is to develop and implement programs to:

  • Assist people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired to lead independent and active lives in their homes and communities.
  • Educate the public to understand the capabilities and needs of people who are blind or visually impaired so that they can be integrated into all aspects of community life. VISIONS fulfills its purpose by providing:
  • Individualized rehabilitation training at home or in the community
  • Social Services
  • Employment Training and Job Development
  • Group and Community Education and Activities

VISIONS programs focus on individuals with low income in the greater New York area who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities, elders, limited-English speakers and culturally diverse consumers, and their families.

Each year, VISIONS provides programs and services for over 7,000 individuals. All services are free of charge.

We are delighted to share with you VISIONS 2017 Annual Report. The highlights show what is tried and true to our mission, what is new and filling gaps in service and what is preparing VISIONS for the future. We are proud of the impact we have had on over 7,000 individuals this year. The 2017 outcomes include an:

  • increase in the number of blind people that secured employment. VISIONS is #1 for the second year in a row in job placements of blind job seekers.
  • increase in the number and type of services provided for blind people of all ages and their families and unpaid caregivers. Over 1500 people received vision rehabilitation services. Over 750 unpaid caregivers received training and support to relieve the burden of caregiving. Over 700 participants registered for the VISIONS Center on Aging senior center. VISIONS added new programs that increased the physical activity, emotional health and social connections of blind center members.
  • increase in the number of days of programming at VISIONS Center on Blindness and the finished construction of the vocational rehabilitation center (VRC). The VRC started serving blind New Yorkers age 18 to 21 years of age in August 2017. The VRC program meets all five pre-employment transition services outcomes recommended by federal legislation.
  • increase in funds raised by VISIONS four volunteer community advisory boards and Board of Directors. Volunteers helped VISIONS recruit over 600 new participants for services and sponsored special events that introduced many new friends to VISIONS including a successful annual May golf and tennis event chaired by volunteers Robbie Davis and Ric Apter.
  • increase in the knowledge and training of VISIONS staff to work more effectively with children with cortical vision impairment and older persons that are ambivalent about accepting services to cope with their vision loss.

We were able to accomplish so much spending 89 cents of every dollar on programs with only 11 cents on administration and fundraising. An important goal for next year is re-designing VISIONS website to better inform the public of the great work of our staff, the commitment of our Board of Directors and Volunteers and the success achieved by the blind people we serve. We welcome any comments or questions or suggestions by phone 212-625- 1616 Ext. 117, by email, by posting on our Facebook page or commenting on the Great Nonprofits website. Thank you for making VISIONS the agency of choice for so many people and their families experiencing vision loss. Your support enables us to keep all services free of charge for the primarily low income participants that access our services.


Fact: Only 3% of people who would benefit from vision rehabilitation ever receive it. (National Eye Institute)

Solution: VISIONS serves over 1500 people of all ages with vision rehabilitation services with the total number of people served in all programs of over 7,000 annually.

Individuals Served in 2017

Community Services, Vision Rehabilitation & Workforce Development


VISIONS at Selis Manor VISIONS Center on Aging


VISIONS Center on Blindness (VCB)


feeding a young boy
a short little walk
pottery coloring

VISIONS Programs and Services

Benefits Facilitated Enrollment

Blindline® Information and Referral Center and website

Caregiver Support Project

Children, Youth and Family Programs

C.I.L. Textbooks and Audiobooks

Early Intervention Baby and Toddler Program

Employer Advisory Panels

Multilingual Public Education and Outreach

NYC Youth and Vision Loss Coalition

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Orientation and Mobility (O&M)

Pre-College Program at Manhattanville

Social Work and Mental Health Counseling

Summer Transition Program at Queens College

Technology Training

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

VISIONS Center on Aging Senior Center

VISIONS at Selis Manor

Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC)

VISIONS Center on Blindness VCB

Volunteer and Intergenerational Programs

Workforce Development and Training for Youth and Adults

Fact: Only one third of blind people seeking jobs are working.

Solution: VISIONS is #1 in job placements of blind New Yorkers for 2016 and 2017.

Fact: More than half of babies born with vision impairment also have other disabilities.

Solution: VISIONS professional certified and licensed staff is trained to work with children with multiple disabilities including children with cortical vision impairment.

Fact: As the population ages, more older persons experience vision loss.

Solution: VISIONS operates a senior center adapted and accessible for blind older persons, offers vision rehabilitation to increase independence and provides training and support for unpaid caregivers.

muriel in red hat, portrait photo

Muriel, 89, Manhattan

Muriel has hearing loss and declining vision loss. She was taught how to use a talking book player and was impressed that even with her hearing loss she was able to hear the book she chose. VISIONS helped provide her with a large print calendar and address book, floor lamp and talking watch to keep track of her appointments. “I learned how to use a “Say-When” device that beeps when my cup is full! I couldn’t believe it. I feel a sense of accomplishment that I can now get around independently and safely.” Muriel worked with VISIONS Senior Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist COMS and VISIONS licensed OT/COMS/CVRT and was shown how to get down her front door step. Muriel had a lot of anxiety after a fall earlier in the year. With patience and coaxing, Muriel was highly justified in the sense of accomplishment she felt being able to exit her building independently and safely. She continues her passion, advocacy work at the United Nations.

elizabeth posing for the camera in her red shirt

Elizabeth, 37, Brooklyn

Elizabeth is legally blind because of albinism. She came to VISIONS in May 2016 looking for a job. With help from the VISIONS workforce staff, she landed a job as a bookkeeper at the United Federation of Teachers at the end of October 2016. She struggled with her confidence, work performance and communication with her direct supervisor and ended up losing that job. She was upset and attended the VISIONS workforce soft skills/work readiness class to help her have a better understanding of the expectations of the modern workplace. This training helped her become ready for her next role. A part-time job helped increase her confidence as she continued her work on her communications skills. In August 2017 she finally landed a full time job as a Utility Information Assistant in the Office of Environmental & Energy Program Department. She is very happy in this role and intends to make a career out of this job. Elizabeth believes that, although she had some bumps in the road to successful employment, VISIONS helped her to understand her role in the workforce and find an employer that truly values the skill set she brings to the table.

axel on the grind

Axel, 24, Manhattan

Axel was born in Puerto Rico and moved to New York at 14. School was much easier in New York than in Puerto Rico because there were so many accommodations for his vision loss. “Being at VISIONS was the first time that I saw visually impaired people go to work. Through all of the tumultuous times in my life, I’ve always been able to rely on the support of the staff at VISIONS at Selis Manor.” Axel is currently enrolled at LaGuardia Community College studying Business Administration and Marketing. His visual impairment has presented some barriers in school, but he is determined to finish. He says the best lesson he has learned from college is life balance and time management skills. He plans to graduate in December 2018. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, attending rock concerts and going out to eat. Axel would offer this advice to visually impaired teens. “Accept youself for who you are, never let your impairment define who you are, focus on your goals and never give up.”

WET (Nakia) assisting Ted Carl with an Art Project

Ted, 7, Brooklyn

In 2016, a loving family decided to adopt their 7-year-old Asian-American male son. He is totally blind, happy, well-mannered, independent and a highly curious young boy. He attended VCB, located in Rockland County. He participated in the rehabilitation classes, orientation and mobility lessons, and worked closely with the professional specialists to develop his cooking, computer, and personal skills. Ted enjoyed the pool, arts and crafts, gym, and the petting zoo where he was able to touch, observe, and get to ask questions about the animals. His mother made it clear that her expectation attending VCB was to learn of the resources available for her son as well as to make connections with other parents who were going through similar experiences and she did. Ted and his mom participated in the Parent and Me Cooking class where they were receptive to the skills learned. He was able to establish friendships, learn a variety of skills including social skills, identifying money, and using sensory, auditory, and tactile skills to complete laundry. Ted and his mom were delighted by how many things he learned in just one week and how caring and accommodating VISIONS Staff is.

Senior Center - Bernandine G flower workshop - creating a beautiful bouquet of pink carnations

Bernadine, 61, Bronx

“I became blind in 2001. I noticed my vision had been getting foggy. It was so bad I took a cab straight to the eye doctor. I was slowly losing my vision. At the time of my vision loss I had still been working. Once I stopped, I was given the number to the Commission for the Blind and they connected me with VISIONS. I was introduced to Selis Manor their 23rd Street location and joined the Moving Forward support group for people with vision loss. It gave me a space where I could open up and talk about my feelings and private experiences. They made everything feel more normal. At home, I had family either denying my vision loss or making me feel “less than” for having vision loss. At VISIONS, I had support. The group convinced me to start using a long cane and gave me the permission I needed to ask people for help. That was something very new to me, but it has served me well. I’ve come a long way from the start of my vision problems to now. When I lost my vision, I couldn’t drive, my friends no longer called around, and some of my family made me feel ashamed. VISIONS gave me a purpose, a place to go and an escape. At VISIONS, I learned that I am lucky and I still have the power to help others who are worse off than me. I appreciate the people and the staff. I like getting to meet others like me. I feel encouraged, happy and able to do more. I am thankful and I honestly don’t know what I would have done without VISIONS.”

Zakiah, 64, Brooklyn

Zakiah is a caregiver. She helps care for her mother, who is 84 and has glaucoma. When Zakiah needed a place where she could learn the tools that would allow her to be the kind of caregiver she wanted to be, VISIONS stepped in. VISIONS caregiver support group provides the educational training and the social and emotional outlet she needed. The group meetings became her time and her space—a place where she can go and talk about her mother and know she is not alone. “We are not alone as caregivers,” she says. “VISIONS staff and members are there for support and give so much of their time.” In addition to learning about herself and caregiving, Zakiah also learned the crucial life lessons of valuing patience and empathetic listening. “The group taught me how to be a little more patient,” she says. “When I stop myself and listen to what my mother is saying, I am able to see that my mom is still her and to appreciate that more.” She also learned the importance of knowing her limits in helping a loved one. That was a hard task for her to accept, but when she noticed that she was neglecting her own health and not going to appointments, she had to take a step back and take care of herself. “As caregivers, we run ourselves into the ground until we can no longer run,” Zakiah says. “There was an example I heard once that has stood with me to this day: When you’re on an airplane and the plane is falling, you have to put your mask on first before you can put on anyone else’s because if you can’t breathe who will ultimately be there for that loved one. Because of VISIONS, I know that I am not alone with these feelings, and there are great strategies and support available to people caring for a loved one with vision loss.”

zakiah with a bouquet she made

Sammi, 17, Volunteer

My volunteer experience at VISIONS has really shaped my perception of people who are blind or visually impaired. It has taught me a lot regarding the perspectives of these people. That even though they are physically handicapped, they still are able to accomplish daily tasks that are done by everyone else. “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a saying that really suits the stereotypes and prejudices that are placed on the disabled, and I think my experience with VISIONS really helped prove many of these stereotypes false.

Juleissy, 17, Volunteer

I have learned basic necessary life skills, and I’m so glad I was a part of this program. Volunteering is something I’ve always wanted to do, and it’s something I will forever continue to do whether it is with this program or not. I truly love helping others and giving back whenever I can. Home visits were my favorite. Traveling to a client’s house made me content because I knew I was on my way to help someone in need, someone who had a disability and wasn’t able to do certain things. I was the person they counted on, and I believe I made my clients happy. I love the feeling of helping someone and knowing someone who really needs my help appreciates it. At VISIONS, I have learned the most valuable lesson of my life, and this is that everything is possible if it is wanted and worked for. I had the privilege of learning this day by day with the seniors at VISIONS. Despite having little to no sight, they live their lives without making themselves any less than anyone who has full sight and that to me is proof that everything is possible.

On Aug. 6, 2017, VISIONS proudly launched New York State’s first and only residential Vocational Rehabilitation Center (VRC) for blind youth. VISIONS President, CEO, Board Members, and the NYS Acting Commissioner (Office of Children and Family Services) Sheila Poole (6th from the left) at the Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

red ribbon cutting
guy learning how to use a computer

Frank preparing for his job interview using “talking software” to hear the text read to him.

girl helping girl apply makeup

Janeen Terrana, a make-up artist and long-time VISIONS volunteer shows Marie how to apply her makeup without vision.

Four blind children at the August children’s program at VISIONS Center on Blindness in Rockland County. They toured the ambulance and learned about emergency services.

kids playing in front of the ambulance
old guys' golf game interrupted for photo-op

(From left to right) Jim Baumann, Robbie Davis, Doug Borck, and Michael Greenspan at the 32nd annual golf and tennis outing on May 23, 2017, at the beautiful Fairview Country Club in Greenwich, CT.

students posing for the camera

Blind students spend a day at the local mall reinforcing their mobility skills and budgeting their allowance.

couple of guys playing basketball

Blind Students playing basketball.

Gary Bagley of New York Cares; Mark J. Kator of the Isabella Geriatric Center; Nancy T. Jones, the President of VISIONS Board of Directors; and Marc Kutner of Akuity Social Enterprises being honored at the Manhattan Dinner at AIG Headquarters on Sept. 14, 2017. Rebecca Alexander (3rd from left) wowed the crowd with her personal story of losing her vision and hearing, and gaining a full life in the process.

group accepting plaque awards
fancy blue light banquet hall

Honoree Lion 20-K1 District Governor Charles W. McBride with guests at the Queens Dinner at Douglaston Manor on Sept. 26, 2017.

walking and being observed

Allyson receiving an orientation and mobility lesson on how to navigate using a cane.

Board of Directors

Treasurer's Letter

Statements of Activities and Changes in Net Assets

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annual report screen

$10,000 - $499,000
Blauvelt Lions Charities, Inc.
Cold Spring Lions Club
Estate of Irene H. Cohn
Lucius L. and Rhonda N. Fowler
Nancy T. Jones
JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
Lavelle Fund for the Blind, Inc.
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Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation
Norman & Bettina Roberts Foundation, Inc.
Reader’s Digest Partners for Sight Fdn.
Robert A. Schonbrunn
The Barker Welfare Foundation
The David Kimmel Foundation
The Fan Fox & Leslie R. Samuels Fdn.
The New York Community Trust
Hedi H. White

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American International Group
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Fiduciary Trust Company Intl.
Marc Kutner
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Doolittle Family Foundation
Douglass Winthrop Advisors, LLC
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Estate of Claire Wagner
Estate of David H. Boxer
Estate of Eli & Diane Rudolph
Norma P. Eversley
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Michael D. and Ellyn S. Greenspan
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