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Fact: Only 3% of people who would benefit from vision rehabilitation ever receive it (National Eye Institute)

Solution: VISIONS serves over 1,500 people of all ages with vision rehabilitation services annually.

Fact: Only one third of blind people seeking jobs are working

Solution: VISIONS is #1 in job placements of blind New Yorkers

Fact: Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance do not cover comprehensive vision rehabilitation services, equipment or optical aids

Solution: VISIONS training services including many types of equipment and aids are provided free of charge with no billing of insurance

Fact: More than half of babies born with vision impairment also have other disabilities

Solution: VISIONS professional certified and licensed staff is trained to work with children with multiple disabilities including children with cortical vision impairment.

Fact: As the population ages, more older persons experience vision loss

Solution: VISIONS operates a senior center adapted and accessible for blind older persons, offers rehabilitation to increase independence and provides training and support for unpaid caregivers

Fact: Blind youth without college degrees and limited technology skills have difficulty qualifying for jobs

Solution: VISIONS youth services emphasize skill training and VISIONS residential vocational rehabilitation center focuses on blind youth age 18 to 22 who graduate work ready.

Welcome to VISIONS

VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization whose purpose is to develop and implement programs to assist people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired to lead independent and active lives in their homes and communities.

Services Offered by Age Group

Birth to 10

Ages 11 to 21

Ages 22 to 54

For People with Vision Loss

Adjusting to vision loss is a process that takes training and practice. VISIONS serves people of all ages in every neighborhood of New York City, Long Island and Westchester


For Employers

Yes, They Can!

People who are blind and visually impaired are very capable of handling the requirements of daily needs and of functioning in the workplace.

For Families & Unpaid Caregivers

Success for every blind person depends on family support

How You can Help

We can always use your dollars, but equally important is your TIME, your INTEREST, your DESIRE to participate in our efforts

Locations & Service Area

Serving the Greater NY Metropolitan Area

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Our Vision is for Everyone to See what is Possible