VISIONS at Selis Manor

(646) 486-4444

Name Title Ext.
Michexa Belizaire Youth Services Community Outreach Coordinator 229
Robert Brown  Library Program Coordinator 220
Ruben Coellar Chief Program Officer 230
William Daniels III Senior Technology Instructor 219
Natasha DeLeon Volunteer and Youth Coordinator 213
Ann DeShazo Senior Director of Selis Manor 211
Ruth Doerrer Senior Technology Instructor 227
Tina Kapeleris Social Worker 232
Elizabeth Lee Senior Director of Caregiver and Senior Services 214
Carrie Lewy Senior Center Director 216
Honory Pena Social Services Associate 223
Melissa Phipps Senior Director of Youth Services 212
Teresa Rivero ISC Program Associate 233
Lisa Senior Youth Program Associate 224
Milagros Senior Switchboard Operator Level 2/Receptionist
Roxsonne Simms Social Case Worker 217
Chris Thompson Receptionist/Office Manager 218
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