500 Greenwich Street

(212) 625-1616

Name Title Ext.
Annalyn Courtney Barbier COMS 140
Mark Bones Community Coordinator 109
Carlos Cabrera Deputy Chief Operating Officer 121
Ruben Coellar Chief Program Officer 124
Kinshasa A. Coghill CVRT/CLVT 152
Brianna Creacy Office Manager of VCB and Caregiver Services 126
Diana Cruz Caregiver Services Coordinator 149
Michael Cush Director of Workforce Development


Louise DeCesare



Tara DellaVecchia Communications and Administrative Assistant 135
Lisa Drzewucki Licensed Masters Social Worker 111
Craig Eckhardt CVRT/COMS 110
Samantha Enright Employment Specialist 108
Diane Felix Rehab. Administrative Assistant 141
Rose Gaynus Community Coordinator 144
Mandica Gheorghe Senior Department Manager 127
Michael Godino Youth and Vision Loss Project Manager 142
Amy Gordon Director of Borough Fundraising and Partnership 151
Brenton Hard Career Services Coordinator 146
Bill Hixson Director of Rehabilitation Services 145
Tina Kapeleris Licensed Masters Social Worker 102
Teddy Kern Director of Occupational Therapy and Med. Coor. 104
Margarita Kurbatov Senior Department Manager 122
Eric Levy COMS Intern 163
Queenie Lau Operation Assistant 161
Natalie Marc Workforce Counselor 156
Cathleen McGuire CVRT 133
Jose Mendez Office Assistant 118
Nancy D. Miller Executive Director/CEO 117
Anais Morales Social Service Assistant 153
Khaled Musa VCB Director 130
Grace Quinones CVRT/COMS 106
Carmen Rivera Intake Manager/Outreach Specialist 134
Jenny Santiago Pre-College Program Director & COMS/CVRT 136
Nancy Scharpenberg CVRT 116
Ruth Schlossman  Senior Director of Fundraising 114
Rick Schwartz Fundraising and Grant Specialist 128
Lisa Senior Youth and Vision Loss Project Associate 103
Carmen Thorne VCB and Community Coordinator
Laverne Tucker Switch Board Operator 101
Florian Utchitel VRT/O&M Specialist 157
Diane Weiss Chief Program Officer 125
Karen Wheeldon COMS 162
BowYok Wong Bilingual Intake Worker 137

Natalia S. Young

Chief Operating Officer


Kenny Zhu Fiscal Coordinator 115


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